Exploring a rainforest river...

January 25, 2013

It's not called the WET TROPICS for nothing! Far North Queesland receives between 1.2m - 4m of rainfall a year (most of it during the summer months) which provides it's rivers with a major boost of cold, fresh water and gives intrepid locals with the perfect opportunity to take a unique underwater look at the rainforest ecosystem.


One hot summer day crew from Eye to Eye Marine Encounters and Daintree Rainforest Information teamed up to explore some of the freshwater rivers around Port Douglas and Mossman. Armed with nothing but some snorkel gear and a GoPro camera they set out to record the amazing natural beauty that surrounds them. This video provides a unique perspective of the rainforest from both above and below the water line and shows visitors what is out there if you just take the time to explore. 

Disclaimer: Please check with locals/government authorities before entering any body of water as crocodiles inhabit many of these areas.

Locations visited

Mossman Gorge